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Precision Line Boring

RIM Engineering delivers heavy engineering and machining services with a specialisation in HME line boring. All services are available in the field 24/7, ensuring efficient solutions to the most complex of machining issues.

Providing Precision Line Boring to the Pilbara for 25 years

A Member of Schlam Group of Companies

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Capability in the Pilbara

With 25 years of experience servicing mining operations in the Pilbara, RIM can tailor specialty machining and line boring solutions to any heavy mining equipment needs. RIM’s qualified technicians provide mobile specialty line boring services including:

Acoustic alignment

Disassembly & Assembly

Bush Removal & Installation

Drilling & Tapping


ID and OD welding

Gantry Milling

Bore Machining 40mm – 750mm

RIM Engineering Results Delivery

As a member of the Schlam Group, RIM Engineering has access to premises across WA in Newman, Tom Price, Port Hedland, Midvale and Waroona.


The Schlam Group includes RIM Engineering, asset management and maintenance provider Schlam Engineering, high pressure cleaning specialists The Pilbara Clean Machines and surface treatment provider Unique Blasting & Coatings, ensuring the provision of complete end to end maintenance and asset management solutions. All Schlam Group companies complete work to the highest standard and are ISO:9001 Quality Systems certified, ensuring industry best practices across the board.

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21 Ridley St, Port Hedland WA
+61 (8) 9175 0183
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